• Donald Trump funny satire

    Donald Trump funny satire

    This is how Donald Trump might come across to English people, especially if one of them is a female reporter. […]

  • Nigerian scammers story

    Hilarious Nigerian Scammer Story

    Find out how Nigerian scammers try their luck This Nigerian scammers story was inspired by a real, hilarious event. My […]

  • why would i lie

    Why Would I Lie?

    We’ve just had the most enormous security alert in the UK. And I’ve just seen Michael Chertoff, the US head […]

  • short crime story

    Robbing Securicor

    This short crime story is about the ambush of a Securicor van. A robbery with guns, balaclavas, get-away vehicles and […]

  • No satisfaction comedy

    No Satisfaction

    Little Jonny: “Dad, Dad, wake up, Dad. The Home Office is attacking your computer!” Dad rolls over in bed. Dad: […]

  • funny limericks


    Patrick Mackeown’s funny limericks I had a go at writing a few funny limericks. This special type of poem is […]

  • Israeli General comedy

    The Israeli General

    Civilian: “Excuse me. I’m looking for the bathroom. I’ve never been in this building before. Can you tell me if […]

  • How to start a war

    How To Start A War

    Warfare details require cunning One must be mindful of pretext Find examples of grave misdoings Plan carefully what happens next! […]

  • you can't reject me poem

    You Can’t Reject Me!

    My poem is the best you’ve seen Its rhyme is elegant and clean A timeless message aging through Tis more […]

  • war poems

    Ode To A Wartorn Land

    I have thought a lot about war, and why it happens. Please read some of my war poems.   In […]

  • funny love poems

    The Naked Chef

    Apparently, I am not romantic. But that doesn’t mean I can’t write funny love poems. This is how it goes: […]

  • Superfluous Group of Morons - poem about management

    Superfluous Group of Morons

    We sit in empty offices all day Wise people ignore everything we say To shuffle paper really is our goal […]

  • Philosophical poem: dreaming of meaning

    Dreaming Of Meaning

    “I’m dreaming of meaning,” said AJ Ayer to Noam Chomsky “What,” replied the Statesman, “do you wish to relate?”   […]

  • Poem about the Internet: Internet fora

    Internet Fora

    Internet Fora, places to discuss Talk about the changing weather Members love noticing stupid acts Then all moan about it […]

  • computer hoaxes

    Computer Hoaxes

    Based on a tradition of tech-hoaxes: (See footnote)   If you’ve never heard the expression ‘warporn,’ then you’ve never worked […]

  • Swans diving in the river, Henley-on-Thames


    In the flow of Green River the swans float serine The lock gates there open Pleasure boats glide in between […]

  • cloister - Sir John and Robert massacre all at Cesena

    Sir John and Robert massacre all at Cesena

    Hawkwood, mercenary general, condotierre L’acuto, “keen one” was his nom de guerre In Renaissance wars he fought on every side […]

  • The Trouble with Gordon

    The trouble with Gordon

    Fleet Street trembles before Gordon. Sleepless editors stir steaming, midnight Horlicks. “Our presses will grind to a halt,” they wail. […]

  • Cruel world poem

    Cruel World

    In an age before there was time itself in the Archean Period of Earth’s existence was it not sulphur which […]

  • computer poem

    Who Needs Computers?

    Enjoy this computer poem! Have you ever been without a display in a sea of endless whiteness with no ability […]


funny limericks


Patrick Mackeown’s funny limericks I had a go at writing a few funny limericks. This special type of poem is […]

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