Trade Winds poem

Trade Winds

Centuries of sailors knowing

Setting sail and cutting ties

Bravely waving tears unflowing

Beyond an age of longing lies


Parted by oceans man and mother

He floating in Poseidon’s care

Only loss brings them together

When at night he’s never there


At Thirty Degrees North she sits

Becalmed, bereft, bereaved

She never stirs, moving aches

No message yet received


So far from home, steady boys

In league with Neptune’s trust

In family worlds of newborn joys

New life continues as it must


From photographs memories made

Fragmented moments, fading

Shining boots, brave salutes

Splendid uniforms parading


Return you men, many lives

bound within that imperative

For endless dread are wives

At homecoming alone can live


By Patrick Mackeown, September 2006


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