computer poem

Who Needs Computers?

Enjoy this computer poem!

Have you ever been without a display

in a sea of endless whiteness

with no ability to communicate

unless you decrease your brightness?


Have you ever stood all alone

in a miasma of twisted cables

and wondered why the IT guys

love that junk on their techno tables?


Have you ever bought a new laptop

and listened to it beeping?

Did you get support within the shop?

Or were the staff too busy weeping?


Did you excite when you got logged in?

Play patience and use the Net

Did you get Microsoft Error Five Million?

Have you solved it yet?


Did you cry when you bluescreened?

Have you been out to buy more RAM?

Was that when your techie brother intervened?

I bet you got rewarded by a inbox full of spam!


Have you gone back to pen and paper yet?

Blown the dust off your manual typewriter

How many viruses can one man get?

The future of the Internet isn’t any brighter!


Patrick Mackeown, May 2006

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