funny limericks


Patrick Mackeown’s funny limericks I had a go at writing a few funny limericks. This special type of poem is particularly suitable to making a point! 1) The last dim-witted […]

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Sheep for slaughter poem

Are We Sheep For Slaughter?

Savile Row is my suit! Caviar Diplomatic Dinner Solana, Kofi Annan my guests. “Condi! How nice!” See me swagger? Statesmanlike wave. Stern voice. “The fight isn’t about oil.” “A lasting […]

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self esteem poem

Self Esteem

It’s a fact that some people feel worthless It’s an impression some of us can’t hide And there’s a permanent suicidal solution which is a thing that some of us […]

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US banner with helicopter

George W Bush Limericks

The last dim-witted US president called Bush believed that oil was an animal from Kush He sent the entire US army to find it The generals explained how they crept […]

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