Sheep for slaughter poem

Are We Sheep For Slaughter?

Savile Row is my suit! Caviar Diplomatic Dinner

Solana, Kofi Annan my guests. “Condi! How nice!”

See me swagger? Statesmanlike wave. Stern voice.

“The fight isn’t about oil.”

“A lasting Middle East Peace…”

Do I look important by this lectern, Channel Four?


Bush, other Bush. Several Bushes make an undergrowth

Do I see weeds? Internet PhDs covering the truth?

Beit Lahia Massacre, Haditha. Iniquity is a list

‘What daily do you do, Men Of The World?


Warplane Targets Red Cross Ambulance? Can this be?

Do jet pilots not have eyes? Can’t they see crosses?

Minimise Civilian Casualties, explode their houses!

Some people have survived rocket blasts, Generals say!


Daniel Pollen knifed to death on Britain’s streets

Total strangers, killers three, leaped upon him!

Cut his heart out of his life

Ministers, prime, or otherwise, presidents, The World!

I ask you: Stop dining, smiling photo opportunities

And put an end to the killing!


Patrick Mackeown, July 2006

Picture: Christophe Libert


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