No satisfaction comedy

No Satisfaction

Little Jonny: “Dad, Dad, wake up, Dad. The Home Office is attacking your computer!” Dad rolls over in bed. Dad: “Snuffle, ppst, eughhg, snuffle. What’s that? No thank you. Snuffle.” […]

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A policeman's lot comedy

A Policeman’s Lot

Sketch One. “Crime, what crime? There’s no crime here, mate.”   DC Percival Howard: “Morning, Solly, where have you been? It’s almost eleven o’clock. Superintendent Mulligan’s after you again. The […]

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funny limericks


Patrick Mackeown’s funny limericks I had a go at writing a few funny limericks. This special type of poem is particularly suitable to making a point! 1) The last dim-witted […]

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management consultancy comedy


Consultant:        “Hello, you are the proprietor I presume?” Customer:          “That’s correct, who on earth are you?” Consultant:        “I’m from your management consultancy. We’re late for the stock market […]

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rumours of my demise sex poem

Rumours of My Demise!

Twain replied, are greatly exaggerated! Of Miss Heming Jefferson said Callender had the situation grossly aggravated! Clinton did not have sexual relations Kennedy always in compromising situations!   Of Sabra, […]

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office politics poem

Office Politics

To you and me a pencil is trivial! But see, in an office who owns it? Tis the managing director’s pencil! Now jobs are sure to be axed!   Is […]

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