why would i lie

Why Would I Lie?

We’ve just had the most enormous security alert in the UK. And I’ve just seen Michael Chertoff, the US head of Homeland Security, who failed to inspire the world with […]

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funny limericks


Patrick Mackeown’s funny limericks I had a go at writing a few funny limericks. This special type of poem is particularly suitable to making a point! 1) The last dim-witted […]

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Bully boy antics poem

Bully Boy Antics

There was a group who wanted power To ensure opponents always grew fewer They used phrases like nigger-lover Prevent folks speaking to one another!   Hostility, fear and aggravation These […]

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behaviour poem: we're misbehaving

We’re Misbehaving!

Prince Metternich was midwife to many nations Goebbels, propagandist, stuck to allegations Lawrence wrote Chatterley to consternation Dyer of Amritsar received our Lords’ ovations!   Perfumo and Archer fell foul […]

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murder poem about Magda Goebbels: propaganda war

Propaganda War

Magda Goebbels beautiful was she And surrounded by admirers Though attention for children was Most of hers was Hitler’s   Magda, blonde, vivacious, vain But her powers were on the […]

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Empire poem: Imperial Power

Imperial Power!

I’m the emperor look and see! I burned Persepolis, twas me! Unseated the Dali Lama, OK? Needed to keep religion at bay   I’m the justice of all you see […]

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