No satisfaction comedy

No Satisfaction

Little Jonny: “Dad, Dad, wake up, Dad. The Home Office is attacking your computer!” Dad rolls over in bed. Dad: “Snuffle, ppst, eughhg, snuffle. What’s that? No thank you. Snuffle.” […]

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management consultancy comedy


Consultant:        “Hello, you are the proprietor I presume?” Customer:          “That’s correct, who on earth are you?” Consultant:        “I’m from your management consultancy. We’re late for the stock market […]

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computer hoaxes

Computer Hoaxes

Based on a tradition of tech-hoaxes: (See footnote)   If you’ve never heard the expression ‘warporn,’ then you’ve never worked for a media company. It’s a fairly recent term, I’ll […]

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computer poem

Who Needs Computers?

Enjoy this computer poem! Have you ever been without a display in a sea of endless whiteness with no ability to communicate unless you decrease your brightness?   Have you […]

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