Superfluous Group of Morons - poem about management

Superfluous Group of Morons

We sit in empty offices all day

Wise people ignore everything we say

To shuffle paper really is our goal

We do well when staying off the dole


Nothing we ever do makes much sense

We’ve neither profundity nor recompense

None of us is technically able

Most of us are mentally unstable


We as a group are vain and unwise

We judge our worth by patterns on our ties

Sheeplike we huddle in our groups

Giving banal pointers to our troops


Daily we gorge on daft jargon

Putting self-important graces on

Habitually we speak of hierarchy

Our foolishness is what we cannot see


From nine to five we mark our days

Our dullness shows in myriad ways

We notice not our worth is spent

For worthless lives are management


Patrick Mackeown, May 2006

Picture by Local Guy


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