Philosophical poem: dreaming of meaning

Dreaming Of Meaning

“I’m dreaming of meaning,”

said AJ Ayer to Noam Chomsky

“What,” replied the Statesman,

“do you wish to relate?”


“Well,” the Etonian responded,

“I’ve been doing some thinking.

And I’m a trifle confused

as to my mental state.”


“Dear man,” cried the American

“What can the matter be?

Is the answer not with you?

Heaven forbid! All ideas are inate!”


“Perhaps true.” said the doubter.

“I seek the foundation of knowledge.

Locating the meaning of meaning

is a task which can’t wait.”


“So, you see,” said AJ,

“is the meaning the action?

I know I was hungry

But how do I know that I ate?”


“How,” said the other, “did you swallow?

If your steak wasn’t eaten,

why not take it out of your stomach

and put it back on the plate?”


Patrick Mackeown, May 2006
Picture by Henk L

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