you can't reject me poem

You Can’t Reject Me!

My poem is the best you’ve seen

Its rhyme is elegant and clean

A timeless message aging through

Tis more than other poets do


As I get my laptop machine out

My destination is not in doubt

Soon I find a cyber anthology

With a main editor known to me


Delight I can hardly contain

That man and I share a name

It takes only seconds to see

The anthology’s editor is me!


Excitement now overtaking me

Publication is a certainty!

Acceptance waiting being clear

My eve of outing drawing near


Prepare a truly stylish missive

This man cannot be dismissive

Within a second it’s returned

Incredibly my verse is spurned!


At the anthology’s true core

The editor logged in once more

He saw a rhyme from one he knew

But said this simply will not do


Today a lesson has been learned

Your poetry will all be burned

For the giddy heights of power

Corrupt any man within an hour!


Patrick Mackeown, June 2006

Picture: Maare Liiv


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