How to start a war

How To Start A War

Warfare details require cunning One must be mindful of pretext Find examples of grave misdoings Plan carefully what happens next!   For invading Iraq, Google a PhD When asked, why […]

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Trade Winds poem

Trade Winds

Centuries of sailors knowing Setting sail and cutting ties Bravely waving tears unflowing Beyond an age of longing lies   Parted by oceans man and mother He floating in Poseidon’s […]

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Bully boy antics poem

Bully Boy Antics

There was a group who wanted power To ensure opponents always grew fewer They used phrases like nigger-lover Prevent folks speaking to one another!   Hostility, fear and aggravation These […]

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war poems

Ode To A Wartorn Land

I have thought a lot about war, and why it happens. Please read some of my war poems.   In Palestine early feet were Canaanites Archaeologists study ancient Ugarit rights […]

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