George Bush Impersonation

Patrick’s George Bush Impersonations

George W Bush Impersonation No. 1

Patmac waddles up the middle of the room with his arms out like a penquin’s flippers, and cranks his neck from side to side.


“Er, where’s the microphone?”

Aide “Sir, that is the microphone.”

“What, this? Oh, I thought it was a stick-shift. Funny place for a stick-shift, though, on a stage.”

Aide “No, sir, it’s not a stick-shift. It’s a microphone.”

“Is it? Then where’s the stick-shift?”

Aide “Sir, Channel 24 is waiting.”

“Are they? I gotta go get a pizza.”

Aide “Sir, can we do the interview first and get a pizza later?”

“OK, but can I get a Pepsi?”

Aide “No, sir, no. You’re on.”

“Hello, America,”

Aide “Sir, this is London.”

“My fellow Londonians, I just wanna tell ya we’re gonna bommerize ’em. An smokem out. America is with you. Were are you? Where am I?”



Impersonation No. 2

The Bush Show:

George W Bush (The talkshow host)


Director: “Cue Camera One.”


Bush rises from his seat and walks across the set.


Director: “Where you goin?”

Bush: “You said queue behind Camera One.”

Director: “First guest, Oprah.”


Bush’s eyes widen


Bush: “Am I gonna be on Oprah?”

Director: “No, George; Oprah’s coming on your show.”

Bush: “I’ve got a show?”

Director: “George, this is it.”

Bush: “Wow, can we sing songs?”

Director: “Well, no, George. On talkshows people normally talk. If they sang, then they’d be called singing shows.”

Bush: “OK, but can we do that trick-thing, where you hide nickels under three beakers?”

Director: “No, George.”


George looks disappointed.


Bush: “Can we?”

Director: “No, George.”


Patrick Mackeown, 2006


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