self esteem poem

Self Esteem

It’s a fact that some people feel worthless

It’s an impression some of us can’t hide

And there’s a permanent suicidal solution

which is a thing that some of us tried


I’ve given the matter some consideration

Tis a problem of perspective it seems

For, what to some appear accomplished matters

Are viewed by others only as dreams


I’ve known some who never feel able

Complications beset them all day

I’ve known others who are clearly unstable

And prepare all in an ill-advised way


To me it seems humans are much of a muchness

Between Einstein and Bush there is only degree

While one is known as a genius

the other is as daft as can be


Same hands though, same eyes and same noses

Our bodies do limit our state

Though much fuss is made of our features

The differences aren’t all that great


Solution to me seems take care also take pride

Do all to an impressive state

What one can do so can another

This is a message all should relate


Patrick Mackeown, May 2006


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