The Empire that wasn't poem

The Empire That Wasn’t

We don’t want an empire

We’re a republic you see

So when we take over a nation

we do it on the QT


We’ve got an oil shortage

We’re addicted to gas

Never advertise imperial intentions

For fear of upsetting our mass


We have one silly leader

who talks complete rot

By speaking of regime change

he once let out our plot


His father was smarter

said, “the fight’s not about oil.”

A message one stupid descendent

was destined to spoil


Having invaded a country

on false pretences

We installed our army

and dismantled their defences


Now we pipe off their black-gold

And draw down a curtain

And we don’t mention the fact that

this benefits Halliburton!


Patrick Mackeown, May 2006

Picture by Adam Balint


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