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murder poem about Magda Goebbels: propaganda war

Propaganda War

Magda Goebbels beautiful was she And surrounded by admirers Though attention for children was Most of hers was Hitler’s   Magda, blonde, vivacious, vain But her powers were on the […]

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Christmas poem: The Joys of Christmas

The Joys of Christmas

Do you recall the Christ Child born? So small in Mary’s arms forlorn Beneath the star the Magii saw And then crossed deserts to adore   Fetch you indoors your […]

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Food poem: Louisiana Jambalaya Giant Bird Chew, Jambalaya poem

Louisiana Jambalaya Giant Bird Chew

Louisiana, Jambalaya Capital of the World Recipes that kings envy are here unfurled Crayfish and sausage, oysters and shrimp Combinations making hardy tastebuds limp   Onions, green, and cayenne peppers […]

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Poem about the Internet: Internet fora

Internet Fora

Internet Fora, places to discuss Talk about the changing weather Members love noticing stupid acts Then all moan about it together!   In Internet Fora opinions flow Can anyone spot […]

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Empire poem: Imperial Power

Imperial Power!

I’m the emperor look and see! I burned Persepolis, twas me! Unseated the Dali Lama, OK? Needed to keep religion at bay   I’m the justice of all you see […]

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Swans diving in the river, Henley-on-Thames


In the flow of Green River the swans float serine The lock gates there open Pleasure boats glide in between   As the sun creeps it glitters We downcast our […]

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The Trouble with Gordon

The trouble with Gordon

Fleet Street trembles before Gordon. Sleepless editors stir steaming, midnight Horlicks. “Our presses will grind to a halt,” they wail. “What’s to be done about Gordon?”   “His children are […]

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Helicopter Flight

Helicopter Flight

Poem From Inside A Helicopter   Helicopter flight is very uneven You’re constantly bobbing about Tis surely no pastime for the seasick Nauseous attacks are never in doubt   Unlike […]

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self esteem poem

Self Esteem

It’s a fact that some people feel worthless It’s an impression some of us can’t hide And there’s a permanent suicidal solution which is a thing that some of us […]

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Cruel world poem

Cruel World

In an age before there was time itself in the Archean Period of Earth’s existence was it not sulphur which filled the atmosphere? And did being not issue forth from […]

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computer poem

Who Needs Computers?

Enjoy this computer poem! Have you ever been without a display in a sea of endless whiteness with no ability to communicate unless you decrease your brightness?   Have you […]

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black cattle escaping poem

Black Cattle Escaping!

Welsh Black mountain cattle loping off down the road With fences torn and gateposts worn Tell Farmer of trouble he has sewn   Mother drives off happily We ask, “excuse, […]

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