Christmas poem: The Joys of Christmas

The Joys of Christmas

Do you recall the Christ Child born?

So small in Mary’s arms forlorn

Beneath the star the Magii saw

And then crossed deserts to adore


Fetch you indoors your Yuletide logs

Or put out bright St Nicholas clogs

Ring the tree with sparkling lights

For tis the season of pure delights


Smell cakes and cookies freshly done

To help with these is half the fun

Find the cat amidst piles of paper

For Christmas is but a joyous caper!


Patrick Mackeown, December 2006

<h2>Did you like my Christmas poem?</h2>

Well, I wish you a very merry Christmas! If you’re into atmospheric poems, why don’t you read this poem about Henley-on-Thames. Like this one, it’s also a poem for kids.




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