Human nature poem: The Worst Aspects of Human Nature

The Worst Aspects of Human Nature

Salem Witch Trials were conducted

Victims pressed to death with stones

Crowds of common people gathered

to hear the cracking of their bones!


When Jesus was condemned by Caiaphas

Did the high priest receive Pilate?

Those two were in league together

With which wrongs did Vitellius remontrate?


People chanted for Barabus’ freedom!

Forsaken at Passover their Messiah

Why choose a thief over God’s son?

Perhaps to avoid the Sanhedrin’s ire!


Salem, an enduring mark of true shame

Cries of witchcraft fuelled hysteria

Crucifixion blackened Pilate’s name

Who doubts that crowd logic is inferior?


Patrick Mackeown, August 2006


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