behaviour poem: we're misbehaving

We’re Misbehaving!

Prince Metternich was midwife to many nations

Goebbels, propagandist, stuck to allegations

Lawrence wrote Chatterley to consternation

Dyer of Amritsar received our Lords’ ovations!


Perfumo and Archer fell foul of perfumed pillows

Behaviour fitting odious Toad of Grahame’s Willows

Depleted Mirror pension funds caused concern

Downing Street memos initiate warfare, we learn!


From Whitehouse tapes and such hear of Watergate

Clinton did not have sexual relations, tis too late!

From Mai-Li to Haditha US soldiers massacre civilians

Teaching reality deviates from Kaye’s Far Pavilions


Patrick Mackeown, July 2006
Picture by Jose Torres

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