The office poem

The Office

The office is looking grey today

The air is oppressive and heavy

Locked inner doors signal who’s away

I get my presentation ready


The management are huffed and puffed

All blown up with hiring and firing

Their procedures can all get stuffed

I find them rather tiring


The meeting is doom and gloom

Buzzwords are on display

For distraction I gaze around the room

But someone tall is in my way


Patrick are you hearing me?

someone says from way off far

I know I’m not where I ought to be

I’m thinking about my car


Now you speak the person informs

I zoom to matters in hand

It’s time for me to get to my feet

But I can hardly stand


Er, I say, searching for the profound

Did they action it?

Did who carry out what? I expound

Thinking the questioner is a tit

Headcount, face-to-face, in the round


That went well someone remarks

You nearly got yourself fired

I look at a zillion grey clerks

I’m feeling somewhat mired


I stumble past the water stand

I realise I’m wobbling and weaving

A colleague stops me with a hand

She asks: Having trouble breathing?


My desk is cleared I say as a reply

I’ve had enough of clerking

The woman looks me in the eye

How will you survive without working?


That’s a challenge I admit

I’m thinking of taking up writing

Don’t you need to consider it?

No, I’m sick of pointless fighting


Patrick Mackeown, May 2006


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