How to start a war

How To Start A War

Warfare details require cunning One must be mindful of pretext Find examples of grave misdoings Plan carefully what happens next!   For invading Iraq, Google a PhD When asked, why […]

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Sheep for slaughter poem

Are We Sheep For Slaughter?

Savile Row is my suit! Caviar Diplomatic Dinner Solana, Kofi Annan my guests. “Condi! How nice!” See me swagger? Statesmanlike wave. Stern voice. “The fight isn’t about oil.” “A lasting […]

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war poems

Ode To A Wartorn Land

I have thought a lot about war, and why it happens. Please read some of my war poems.   In Palestine early feet were Canaanites Archaeologists study ancient Ugarit rights […]

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Empire poem: Imperial Power

Imperial Power!

I’m the emperor look and see! I burned Persepolis, twas me! Unseated the Dali Lama, OK? Needed to keep religion at bay   I’m the justice of all you see […]

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no more blood for oil poem

No More Blood for Oil!

A man’s blood stains tides Grotesque and twisted A bloated, floating corpse bobbing in an apathetic sea   His hands drift uselessly They held a baby once His chapped lips […]

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