Free short stories

I have written a number of pieces of short fiction. Please take a moment to read some of my free short stories, and if you like them, I would welcome your feedback.

why would i lie

Why Would I Lie?

We’ve just had the most enormous security alert in the UK. And I’ve just seen Michael Chertoff, the US head of Homeland Security, who failed to inspire the world with […]

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short crime story

Robbing Securicor

This short crime story is about the ambush of a Securicor van. A robbery with guns, balaclavas, get-away vehicles and all the trimmings. Enjoy!     Short crime story A […]

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computer hoaxes

Computer Hoaxes

Based on a tradition of tech-hoaxes: (See footnote)   If you’ve never heard the expression ‘warporn,’ then you’ve never worked for a media company. It’s a fairly recent term, I’ll […]

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Medical story: Need a hand

Need a hand?

Readers Warning! This is a shocking medical story, perhaps slightly too cruel to relate. It was told to me by a former medical student. It’s about some of the things […]

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police arresting tax offender - carry on corruption

Carry on corruption

Being poor sucks. I’ve decided that it’s better to be rich. Unfortunately there is a difficulty, known as acquisition, which stands between me and my goal. I did telephone Boris […]

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